Development Management

An approach to the translation of a client’s business strategy/plan into optimum capital choices and the subsequent creation of the best possible platform for delivery of that strategy.

Initiate Consulting’s expertise lies in helping Clients identify and understand their key business objectives and configuring the investment choices in the optimum way to achieve these. Our approach takes in the implications of both wide-ranging strategic and detailed issues. We have a particular talent for identifying and transforming threats into opportunities, based on our understanding of the Client’s aspirations. This is achieved through focussing on potential benefits and the different ways in which these can be realised, including the all-important stage of leading the Client through the changes that are necessary to realise the full benefit of their investment programme.

Having arrived at the optimum solution to the Client’s requirements, we set about developing the key ‘building blocks’ and a ‘route map’ for the programme or projects to provide a robust platform for delivery which includes establishing an appropriate capital cost plan, programme and business case for the project, the appropriate delivery organisation and most effective procurement approach.