Welcome to Initiate

How many projects go wrong? Answer: too many!

In an ever complex demanding and changing world more and more is expected in terms of business performance and hence more and more is expected from projects. It is important we improve our performance in defining and delivering projects that meet our clients objectives and expectations.

Welcome to Initiate. A consultancy that specialises in defining, developing and delivering capital investments.

Initiate Consulting was originally set up to address a real gap in the consultancy market. Far too few firms are good enough in defining and delivering capital investments. The fact that we have achieved year on year growth through repeat and referral business and have secured work with new clients in new sectors is a testament to our service offering and our ability to deliver.

We are extremely optimistic of our future potential for growth.

We are a consultancy that supports clients with their capital investment programmes and projects. Our expertise lies in our ability to translate Client business plans and strategies into optimum choices. If they are capital choices we will develop the structure and control to provide the best possible platform for delivery. From there we are ideally positioned to act on behalf of our clients in delivering that capital investment.

So our core service provisions are Development Management, Project Management and Construction Management.

We are corporate members of the Association for Project Management and we have an affiliation with Leeds University to support research and development within the construction and engineering industry. We are also BS EN ISO 9001:2015 registered.