We offer a specialist service to support and guide you through any disputes, whether you are taking the action or defending, including:

  • Claims for extension of time
  • Claims for variations or additional work
  • Coronavirus impact claims for time and cost
  • Forensic delay analysis
  • Claims by contractors for losses caused by delayed or disrupted work
  • Late payment, non-payment, unreasonable deductions, contra-charges claims
  • Claims by employers for delay and disruption with knock on effects
  • Claims by contractors and professional consultant for unpaid fees
  • Claims arising from contract repudiation and termination
  • Claims for breach of contract
  • Claims for site closure by Force Majeure, statuary power or client action
For more information, download our service fact sheet here

But our first objective is to avoid or mitigate the dispute altogether by negotiation once we can establish the facts and separate them from fiction and emotion that surrounds disputes.

We have experience of all types of Contract including JCT and NEC including notification, delays, extension of time, loss and expense and termination clauses.

Our multi-discipline team of planners and cost consultants provides tailored advice on construction disputes across all sectors, helping funders, developers, employers, contractors, sub-contractors and consultants with their issues.

We can support both local and national clients no matter where you are and help with both contentious and non-contentious construction issues, through all types of resolution methods such as negotiation, mediation, adjudication, arbitration and court proceedings.

Our team of planners and cost consultants will always provide strategic and efficient advice and support for the dispute.