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10th July 2020

Newly Qualified – Construction Logistics Planning Practitioner

We are proud to announce that Kamal Ahmad, Assistant Project Manager at the PDSI Construction Consultants Group of Companies, has recently been accredited with the Construction Logistics Planning Practitioner Certificate and now able to provide Outline and Detailed CLP’s for our clients.

The Construction Logistics Planning (CLP), has been developed to reduce the volume and impact of construction road freight and the associated issues of safety, congestion and air quality, will provide planning authorities with all the details of expected logistics activities during the construction project and signifies the commitment of developers at the planning stage, and through their subsequent development.

Purpose & benefits of a CLP:

  • To consider the logistical impacts of proposed developments
  • Reduce environmental impact, road risk and congestion
  • Raise safety standards and enhanced site efficiency
  • Promote more cost-effective construction logistics activity
  • Provide scope for the use of more sustainable modes of transport
  • Use for evidence in meeting planning requirements

This industry-led accreditation has provided our group with the expertise to allow us to deliver both outline and detailed CLP’s for planning, construction stages and complex construction routing strategies, enabling us to provide a first-class professional service.

We support clients, contractors, materials suppliers, waste contractors with vehicle and logistics planning and management to achieve ‘best in class’ reduction in vehicle movements, enhanced site efficiency, improved profits and compliance with increasing legislation required through their planning applications.

Whether you need a simple or a comprehensive CLP that is a fundamental element of the evolution of the development through planning, design development, construction and in occupation phases connected to BIM and the construction programming processes, PDSI can provide flexible support to suit your business and needs.

For further information and advice on how we can help with providing a comprehensive CLP please contact us today.


Congratulations – Exam Success!

Please join us in congratulating Katarina Jocic on passing the ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor Exam, completed with the BSI Training Academy.

The Internal Auditor course gave Katarina the knowledge to:

  • Explain the guidelines of auditing management systems according to ISO 19011:2018 Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems
  • Describe the application of these guidelines to auditing ISO 9001:2015

And taught her the skills to:

  • Initiate the audit
  • Prepare and audit activities; complete the audit
  • Prepare and distribute the audit report
  • Audit follow-up

This course is designed to help us:

  • Recognise areas your Certification Body (CB) will be generally looking for to comply with generic internal auditing requirements in management system standards. This will include the meanings and intention of certification criteria and associated theories, methodologies, techniques or tools
  • Prepare, conduct and follow-up on audit activities
  • Identify and apply the benefits and requirements for an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems (QMS) internal audit
  • Gain the skills to assess an organisation’s capability to manage its QMS
  • Write factual audit reports and assess corrective actions

Well done from the team at PDSI Construction Consultants and Initiate Consulting Limited.


Congratulations – Exam Success!

Please join us in congratulating Tessa Chesney on passing the ISO 9001:2015 Requirements Exam, completed with the BSI Training Academy.

The Requirements course covered:

– Importance and benefits of an ISO 9001:2015 QMS
– Key requirements, terms and definitions of ISO 9001:2015
– Structure of ISO 9001:2015, which incorporates the Annex SL common framework for management system standards
– Main concepts such as risk-based thinking, process approach, Plan-Do-Check-Act, and the 7 management principles

And is designed to help us:

– Identify the key requirements and benefits of ISO 9001:2015
– Manage quality and drive continual improvement
– Take steps to ensure that quality is at the heart of your organisation
– Attract and retain customers by meeting their current and future needs better

Well done from the team at PDSI Construction Consultants and Initiate Consulting Limited.